CLDR Repository Access

Write access to the CLDR repository.
This is currently a  SVN repository. Its structure is documented under Structure.


Contact Rick McGowan from Unicode for
  1. An account (username/password) on (or whatever authentication method he supports)
  2. Any trouble reaching the server for SSH access. (There is no whitelist any more, but we use fail2ban for temp blocking after repeated login failures, so if you seem blocked, just contact Rick to discuss and fix.)
If your machine is not whitelisted, then any attempt to connect to (ssh, cvs, ...) will time out without a meaningful error message.

Browse the Repository

Only current file versions:
With file revision histories:

Help, I'm getting this error:

svn: E175013: Commit failed (details follow):
svn: E175013: MKACTIVITY of '/repos/cldr...': 403 Forbidden (

You checked out the read-only CLDR repo with "http://" and are now trying to commit against it.  Try the command:
    svn switch --relocate http:// svn+ssh://

For more information, see New CLDR Developers.