Testing Transforms

  1. run org.unicode.cldr.test.TestTransformsSimple.
    1. Check for failures and fix.
  2. before the next step, make sure you add to CLASSPATH: $ICU4J_ROOT/main/tests/translit/out/bin/
  3. run org.unicode.cldr.test.TestTransforms.
    1. Check for failures and fix.
    2. If you have problems:
      1. use -Dverbose=true to see what is happening
      2. This fellow actually runs the ICU tests indirectly, so the regular ICU test framework controls work, like -n and -v.
    3. There is currently a bug in ICU that causes TestRegistry to fail, giving you 2 false negatives. Ignore this.
  4. run org.unicode.cldr.tool.GenerateTransformCharts.
    1. Check in the results (the charts in diff), then review Transform Charts for any problems.
    2. In order for the changes to the charts to be permanent, you have to tell Steven to update the server code and data; otherwise these will be overridden by the chron job.
  5. run org.unicode.cldr.icu.ConvertTransforms 
    1. This converts to ICU data format in the directory specified by -d <targetDir>
    2. Spot-check the results.
  6. run org.unicode.cldr.test.TestTransforms again.
    1. This time, use the VM option -Dfiles=<targetDir>. This will cause it to run on ICU data you just generated.
    2. Check for failures and fix.
  7. get yourself a cupcake.