S3. Copying Voting Data

1. Make sure you have a workspace for the voting results*.
svn co  svn+ssh://unicode.org/repos/cldr-aux/voting ~/src/cldr-aux-voting-archive --depth=immediates

2. copy the voting data locally such as with
rsync --exclude=.svn --delete-excluded --exclude=users  -av st.unicode.org:/home/surveytool/tomcat/cldr/vetdata/ ~/src/cldr-aux-voting-archive/33/

(You can copy another way, just make sure that the "users" directory is not copied as it contains users' email addresses.)

3. Double check that users.xml is NOT included (usersa.xml is OK, A is for anonymous and doesn't include addresses)
4.  add and commit the data.
svn add 33
svn commit -m 'checkin CLDR 33 data' 33

5. double check the data at https://unicode.org/repos/cldr-aux/voting/33/ that it looks correct

*  --depth=immediates keeps you from having to fetch everything. You can later use svn up --set-depth=infinity to fetch the rest of the content, see "Sparse Directories" (SVNBook)