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CLDR Trac Administration

Adding a user

  1. The password file is in apache's auth directory, named cldr-trac.auth
    1. Optional: use the command   apg -M NCL -n 1  to generate a random password.
    2. run the command
      /usr/bin/htdigest /etc/httpd/auth/cldr-trac.auth cldr-trac <user>
      to append the user to the cldr-trac.auth file. 
    3. If an error occurs, cldr-trac.auth may be manually edited to remove old entries before re-adding with the htdigest command.
  2. Assign permissions in trac,


    # trac-admin /home/trac/cldr-trac permission add <user> developer


    if you are an admin user in trac, go to  and "Add Subject to Group"   with Subject: <user> and Group: developer - then click Add

  3. Edit /home/trac/cldr-trac/conf/trac.ini and add the user to the line containing  revw.options
  4. Log in once as the user (or have the user log in) to create their user record. Be sure to set the Full Name and Email address in Preferences.
  5. Restart the web server by running "apachectl graceful" as root.