Adding a new territory to CLDR

NOTE: It may be helpful to go through the steps in Updating Codes before proceeding.

Update the following data files:


  1. supplementalData.xml 
    1. Update Language Script Info to autogenerate the following elements. If you are splitting off a territory, you may have to edit data/external/other_country_data.txt for tests to pass.
    2. Sometimes (when/why?) running ConvertLanguageData may not make a difference in supplementalData, so this step may still have to be performed manually. If the territory is split off from an existing territory, make sure that the gdp and population for the existing territory is reduced accordingly.
        1. territoryCodes
        2. territoryInfo
        3. languageData
      1. Also do a search for a similar territory code to look for any other areas to update. The required information can often be found by searching the the territory's official websites, CIA Factbook or Wikipedia.
      2. Manually add relevant territory information to the following elements.
        • currencyInfo (Update Currency Codes first. If updating an unofficial territory, add necessary entries to data/dl_cldr_extensions.xml for tests to pass.)
        • territoryContainment (Update Language/Script/Region subtags first. If updating an unofficial territory (e.g. Kosovo), add necessary entries to String[][] extras in for tests to pass.)
        • weekData
        • timeData
  2. supplementalMetadata.xml: Add the new territory code to the $territories variable.
  3. coverageLevels.xml: Edit the appropriate %territory* coverageVariable to make the territory name show up in the Survey Tool for translation (see main/en.xml change).
  4. metaZones.xml: Add timezone to metazoneInfo
  5. postalCodeData.xml
  6. telephoneCodeData.xml
  7. windowsZones.xml: If the Windows time zones include the new territory, then add it to the list.


  1. Add main/<language>_<territory>.xml for each language used in the territory.
  2. main/en.xml: Add the name of the territory.


  1. Add the new locales to the validSubLocales attribute in the collation files of the relevant languages.

Run both ConsoleCheckCLDR and all unit tests (especially TestSupplementalInfo), and m
ake sure that the new locales and territory name show up in the Survey Tool.